Best Tips To Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

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A few decades ago, “marketing videos” was a long, stressful and expensive industry but with technological advances and the emergence of smart-phones, high-quality digital cameras and specialized platforms like YouTube, it became easier, with 87 percent of people now marketing their own clips Without the need for specialists according to Out-brain site statistics.


Best Tips To Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes


But the fastest, easiest and least expensive is not necessarily the best! There are some simple steps you should take to ensure the quality of your clip, and avoid the common mistakes that could eventually make your clip to the neglected clip basket.


1. Do not be violent!

You should apply the theory of penetration gently in the process of marketing the section with the client, if you really want to succeed for your section you should learn to build successful relationships with customers and not relationships based on boredom and urgency! No matter how easy it is to publish and market this section on your own, you need some communication and presentation skills.


2. Videos are not part of an ad campaign

You may not only get the “first impression” once when marketing your section, and because of this, many viewers are straining the viewer with a lot of information in their first promotional section, better to give the client a little bit of The information then leaves him interesting waiting for more.


3. Poor title

Creating videos with a powerful view is not the only way to succeed. Poor title can cause this section to fail, even if it is rich in value, so paying attention to the title and choosing the links that link to the theme will enhance viewership and success.


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4. Content value

The images shown are not all that the customer sees, but the clip also includes the sound quality and tone, the clarity of the text and the choice of appropriate language expressions are all elements measured by the quality of the segment or not and not just the picture.

The overall interest and good planning of all these elements to the same degree, will produce a high quality clip and increase the chances of success.


5.  Focus on products and not on people

There is a wisdom that says “facts are told, stories are sold.” Of course this is not meant by the weakness of the quality and value of your product, but it is intended to market it well and show it in the best suit.

It is not enough for the customer to talk only about the quality of the product you are marketing compared to other competing products. If the customer does not need it, that quality will not make a big difference! The customer must feel the need for this product and how much benefit it will derive from its use.



6. Do not underestimate the power of displaying content

When we listen to the word “content,” the article in the section to be marketed immediately comes to mind, but it lacks some important details.

Content can not only be the content provided, but the way in which this article is presented may be more important than the content itself. Do not overlook how you view your product. It has the magic effect of successful promotion.


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7. Use available social networking platforms

Of course, there is no difference in the beauty of the YouTube platform but it is not the head of the only spearhead of the team! So do not overlook the key role of other social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can increase the number of views of your clip.




8. The age of technology

We live in the era of instant gratification and quick interests. This is a magic feature for promotional video makers. From a well-made clip, no more than thirty seconds, you can bring millions of customers from different generations to your product.

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