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WannaCry: The Speed Of The Spread Of The Virus Is Not Recommended To Pay The Ransom Unlock

The amount of ransom that is required to pay is increasing over time. Since May 12,  the global outbreak of the blackmail virus “WannaCry” on China’s Internet network also poses a serious security threat. Central  Network Security Coordination Bureau official said on the 15th, the extortion virus is still spreading, but the speed has slowed down, the majority of users ...

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Ransomware WannaCry Virus: How To Protect Data


The Ransomware WannaCry virus is  spreading rapidly throughout the world!  This post is written to guide you on how to protect your personal data being infected by WannaCry. It is useful for both infected and non-infected users.     On May 12, 2017, the new Ransomware virus called WannaCry, attacked and spread rapidly around the world. It lock down the access to your computer ...

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