A Youtuber Loses A Testicle After Placing A Bet With A Young Woman

A young man, named Will Zeven, had to undergo surgery for the consequences of a blow suffered after a challenge on the street. Daredevil Will Zeven, from Peru’s capital city of Lima, had to paid an eye-watering price in his latest stunt in a bid to draw viewers for his channel.

youtuber loses a testicle

Youtube has become an opportunity for many young people, who have found in the video platform an ideal outlet for income. And, it seems, for that, everything is worth, as has happened to Will Zeven, to the author of this video.


The young man challenged a girl to a game of rock, paper, scissors with the forfeit of a kiss from her if she lost – and a kick in the groin for him if she won.


It was the girl who won, and deciding to hit Will Zeven in the crotch, an impact that was going to send him to the hospital. He then collapses to the ground in agony clutching his crotch and moaning.


youtuber loses a testicle


youtuber loses a testicle


Meanwhile, the girl adds insult to injury when she says: “I forgot to mention that I know karate.”

When he visited the hospital, doctors told him he had suffered a “testicular post trauma explosion”.
However, Will got the hospital’s permission to film the gruesome op and uploaded it to his YouTube channel.



youtuber loses a testicle


Although local media covered his modesty with a black dot, the ruined testicle can be seen being dropped into a surgery dish.


He said: “People would call me crazy, but no, the pain was horrible.”
“My genitals are still normal, I will be able to have children and sex normally.”


However his “kiss or kick” challenge has gone viral, but Will warned other  vloggers saying: “I want this to be an example for those people who want to do the challenge – take precautions.”



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