For The Sequel Of This Film Salman Khan Can Be Seen In Double Role

Salman Khan is on a roll with different projects one after one. Before the actor gets finish with his commitments this year, the actor has already blocked dates for a film in  Christmas 2019. 

Salman Khan kick 2

Preparations are going on for the sequel to Salman Khan’s superhit film Kick. Reports say that Sajid Nadiadwala has been quietly working on the script for some time and will be giving Salman Khan a narration next month.  Kick 2, will be released on Christmas Eve in 2019. It is reported that in Kick 2, Salman can be seen in the double role.

According to the  DNA News, Salman’s double role can be shown in the film in two ways. It will show Salman Khan’s action in which one of his characters will be good and the other will be bad or the film will be shown as a 20-year leap like Telugu sequel. In such a situation, Salman can get to see him as a father-son.  But the fact in  Telugu, Kick 2 has  failed to perform well at the box office. Now, looking at how similar Telugu and Hindi films were, we are sure even the sequel would have a similar background.

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But these days, Salman Khan is being on headlines for his upcoming film Tubelight.  Along with Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu will be seen in the lead role. The film will be released on  Eid 2017.



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