Viral Video | Woman Catches Snake In Pillow Case


Woman Catches Snake In Pillow Case

For many people, coming home and finding a tiny lizard hiding in a room is unsettling. So imagine what this North Carolina, US, resident went through when she found a large and, may we add, very scary snake chilling in her living room. Her video of bravely catching the snake in a pillow case and disposing of it like a total boss has gone viral. Posted on June 1, the video has collected more than 3.6 million views so far.


“Just got home to find this 5 – 6 foot black snake in my living room,” tattoo artist SunShine McCurry says in her Facebook post accompanying the video. It shows her sneaking up behind the snake and putting it in the pillow case.

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“We got us another one,” she says looking into the camera. She then carries the snake filled pillow case outside her house.

Once out in the open, she lets the snake slither out of the case to check its size. She later lets the snake go its way but not before setting it in the right direction.

Along with the millions of views, the video has also collected more than 37,000 shares and  8,000 reactions.



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