Know The Real Secrets Of The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most fascinating areas of planet Earth thanks to the aura of mystery and its socially constructed mythology over the years.  Since the middle of the nineteenth century the tales of mysteriously disappeared ships in the area have swarmed, which of course has as an immediate consequence the increase of fantastic stories and conspiracy theories .


We have read about the disappearance of boats and planes in the so-called (and feared) Bermuda Triangle, which within popular culture has become a center of intense paranormal activity, although most research indicates that bad weather and Human errors have been the most likely culprits of disappearances, and even some research has highlighted the fact that the number of disappearances is similar to that of many other places in the world.


Stories of unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle began to arrive around 1950 and have been reported steadily since then, giving different explanations, from UFOs, the lost continent of Atlantis, magnetic anomalies, pirates, deliberate sinkings, hurricanes , Bad weather, huge waves, human errors; In short, everything.


For many years, many have lost their minds seeking a response to the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes, but it seems that the solution has finally been found. At least, that’s what scientists believe, after finding a series of craters on the coasts of Norway. Yes, in Norway.

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Despite the distance between Norway and Bermuda, scientists found deep craters 1.6 kilometers wide and just over 45 meters deep in the Barents Sea, which are believed to have been created by a methane explosion under the bed Marine. It is speculated that this is also the case in the Bermuda Triangle, in a region that has not been defined, in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, more or less between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.


According to the Researchers at the Arctic University in Norway:

There are multiple giant craters on the seabed, in an area in the Barents Sea, and are probably caused by huge gas explosions. The crater area represents one of the major points for the release of marine methane in the Arctic. ”


Also according to the  Scientists the explosions caused by craters could present risks to ships traveling in the Barents Sea. It has been a theory that has been handled for some time among some experts, that this is precisely what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, and this new test elsewhere could well ground those suspicions.

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Scientists are investigating whether the bursting of these bubbles is enough to sink ships and will present their results very soon. Perhaps we are in the ante-room of breaking several myths, and we will realize that it was simply gas, and not of monsters, aliens or lost civilizations, which caused disappearances


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