WannaCry: The Speed Of The Spread Of The Virus Is Not Recommended To Pay The Ransom Unlock

The amount of ransom that is required to pay is increasing over time.

Since May 12,  the global outbreak of the blackmail virus “WannaCry” on China’s Internet network also poses a serious security threat. Central  Network Security Coordination Bureau official said on the 15th, the extortion virus is still spreading, but the speed has slowed down, the majority of users is the most effective response to the installation of security software, timely upgrade the operating system and Various application security patches.


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All the files in the host system, such as photos, pictures, documents, compressed packets, audio, video, executable programs, etc., will be encrypted, and the suffix name of the encrypted file is changed to ‘.WNCRY’  Leopard mobile security expert Li Tiejun said that because the virus uses RSA asymmetric algorithm, no private key can not decrypt the file.
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After the outbreak of the virus, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center staff have been on the study of virus, although the virus can be done for killing, but the encrypted file temporarily can not be decrypted to restore. Although the document will be decrypted after the ransom payment is done, but increases the risk of personal information exposure.

National computer virus emergency treatment center engineer Wang said that if we pay the ransom, we may record our personal information, including our account and so on personal information, these information after they use, may become the target of the second attack The According to Xinhua News Agency, CCTV.


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