Self Motivation And Motivation What Really Motivates You

Self Motivation And Motivation

Have you ever wondered what is the  difference between self-motivation and motivation ?  Motivation is what motivates you, what leads you to achieve everything you set out for, while self-motivation is the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations,  it is the inner motor that drives you directly towards what you want, it is a much powerful and stronger force.


On the other hand, personal motivation (self-motivation) is the essential basis for achieving what we want. If we are not motivated, we repeat habits that we do not really like, and so there is no possibility of change or improvement. The Desire,  desires and deep desires are the elements of self-motivation, and these stimulate us to live with a better quality of life and happiness.
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Self-motivation is to move from ourselves, since the emphasis is on the self as subject. Many times we act for others, without us really wanting to do something, and there comes the demotivation. But overcoming the problems of relationships, work, fears, anguish, depression, self-esteem, inferiority complexes … is only possible insofar as the individual is motivated, and participates freely and committed in his process of knowledge and evolution .

Learning to self-motivate is to learn to direct your personal power, transforming your present and current reality.

Psychologists define motivation as the need or desire that activates and directs our behavior. The motivation is to activate and guide the behavior, that force that is behind our desire to achieve our goal.

And you, do you know what really motivates you to get everything you desire in life ?


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