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Throughout our life we have come across with the great stories of legendary super power people who are always considered to be different from the mankind for their special humanoid qualities. Here are the such 10 legendary creatures on earth listed.




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Abarimon is that the name of a legendary race of individuals native to a country of a similar name. The folks of Abarimon had backwards feet, however in spite of this handicap were able to run at great speed. They lived side by side with wild animals and tries to capture them unsuccessful as a result of they were thus savage.They lived in an exceedingly great valley of Mount Imaus (now known as the Himalayan Mountains). There was a special quality of air that meant if it was breathed for an extended period of your time it might be not possible to breathe the other form of air and therefore the inhabitants might never leave the valley alive.The Abarimon folks were initial described by Pliny the Elder in his book, natural history. the same tale is recounted by Aulus Gellius in Attic Nights


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In Zulu mythology, Abatwa are said to be little humans said to be able to hide below a blade of grass and to be able to ride ants. they’re said to live a wandering life style and frequently on the search for game.Legend states that if one happens to come across an Abatwa, one will usually be asked a question like, “From wherever did you first see me?” One should reply by expression one saw them from a mountain, or some far away area. they’re said to be extraordinarily sensitive regarding their size, and if one answers by saying that one only saw them right then for the first time, the Abatwa will try to kill them with poison arrows. Stepping on an Abatwa by accident is also said to be a death sentence. .Due to their shy nature, they’ll only tolerate being seen by the very young (said to be anyone below the age of 4), by magicians, and by pregnant ladies. If a pregnant lady in her seventh month of pregnancy sees a male Abatwa, it’s said that she is going to give birth to a boy.


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Creatures from English folklore with no heads and a mouth in their chests. Their diminutive brain was situated in their groin, and their eyes on their shoulders. while they were made widely best-known by William Shakespeare in the Merry Wives of Windsor (1602) and Othello (1605), they weren’t created by William Shakespeare, and so were mentioned as early as the fifth century B.C. in the Histories of Herodotus as “blemmyes”


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In Basque mythology, Basajaun is a huge, hairy hominid dwelling in the woods. They were thought to build megaliths, protect flocks of livestock, and teach skills such as agriculture and ironworking to humans. Basajaun means “Lord of the Forest” or the “Wild Lord”. They lived in the forests of Gorbea ( Álava ) and also in the Selva de Irati ( Navarra ) and in the area of Ataun , in Guipúzcoa . They walked humanly, their bodies covered with hair and a long mane that reached their feet. They had knowledge of magic. The Basajaun was heavily built and about 2 to 3 meters tall. The Basajaun watch over the forests and all wild creatures. They are rural genies, They are also considered to be the protector of flocks. They are the first to have cultivated the earth. Human beings obtained the right to cultivate the earth when a man won a bet with a Basajaun. He stole the seeds that the Basajun was sowing and he came back to his peoples to teach them how to produce food.



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Dziwozony is a race of tall, wild women found in the forests of Poland. They are very swift runners and sometimes attack men or seduce them and sometimes carry off young men to be their husbands. They are very curvy women with thick dark hair and features, and usually carry on with their own business.


Ebu Gogo

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The Ebu Gogo are a group of human-like creatures that appear in the mythology of Flores, Indonesia. In the Nage language of central Flores, ebu means “grandmother” and gogo means “he who eats anything”. These little people are said to be about 1.5 m tall, had wide and flat noses, broad faces with large mouths and hairy bodies. It is also said by the islanders that the Ebu Gogo can repeat what is said to them in parrot-like fashion. The people of Flores believe that the Ebu Gogo were alive at the time of the arrival of Portuguese trading ships over 400 years ago. A children’s story Ebu Gogo: Tales of Mini-Man has even been written which recounts the tale of how the Ebu Gogo may have interacted with the humans 18,000 years ago.



Fir Bolg

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The Firbolg were an ancient race of people that ruled Ireland before the Tuatha de Danaan and the Melesians. Bravery was not enough though. The Firbolg were finally defeated at the Battle of Moytura but not before they impressed the new rulers of Ireland with their fierce courage and honour. They chose Connacht. After this, the Fir Bolg all but disappear from mythology.


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The Fomorians are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are often portrayed as hostile and monstrous beings who come from the sea or underground. Later, they were portrayed as giants and sea raiders. They are enemies of Ireland’s first settlers and opponents of the Tuatha Dé Danann(the other supernatural race in Irish mythology). It has been suggested that they represent the gods of chaos and wild nature, as opposed to the Tuatha Dé Danann who represent the gods of human civilization. Fomorians have no loyalty beyond those they fear and seek the enslavement of all creatures, particularly other fey. In 4th edition, fomorians were defined as the Feywild’s “dark reflections of the massive titans” wielding massive magical powers.




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In Greek mythology, the Giants, also called Gigantes were a race of great strength and aggression, though not necessarily of great size, known for the Gigantomachy (Gigantomachia), their battle with the Olympian gods. According to Hesiod, the Giants were the offspring of Gaia (Earth), born from the blood that fell when Uranus (Sky) was castrated by his Titan son Cronus. There are also other stories featuring giants in the Old Testament, perhaps most famously Goliath. Attributed to them are superhuman strength and physical proportions, a long lifespan, and thus a great deal of knowledge as well.


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Salvaje also know as Vasitri and Aigygan. Salvaje are described as wild men-like hairy creatures from the Venezuelan jungles and the Colombian Andes. They are also said to be extremely dangerous, ill-tempered and carnivorous, eating men. But they carry off women for breeding purpose.


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