New Change By PM Modi | Women can retain maiden names in passports

A new change brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the women of India, Taking one steps further towards the development of the nation and must say it will make a big difference by giving a sense of relief to the women who had to change the name in the passport after marriage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that women are free to retain their maiden names in their passports now even after the marriage. While Speaking at the 50th year celebrations of ‘Indian Merchant Chamber’ Ladies Wing in Mumbai through video-conferencing from New Delhi, said “From now onwards, women will not have to change their names in the passport after their marriage,”


According to the passport website, untill now, to change the name in the passport after marriage, one had to apply for a “re-issue” and get the specified change done in the name.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi took on to twitter and shared the views on women empowerment and why its important stating that he wanted women to be at the centre of the developmental schemes. PM Modi also said his government is working in different ways to empower them through various schemes like Mudra and Ujjwala, among others.


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According to Dailypioneer PM Modi said, “We have made a major change in the passport rules. There is currently no need for women to produce their marriage or divorce certificates and if they want, they can have the names of their father or mother in their passports. We are attempting at every level to generate jobs for women or encouraging them to come up in their lives through self- employment.”

By Praising women for their entrepreneurial spirit, PM Modi said wherever women are given an opportunity, they have proved that they are two steps ahead of the men.


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