Baahubali On A Big Trouble For The Film Is Being Banned In Karnataka | An Apology By Sathyaraj Can Give Relief

Baahubali 2 on a big trouble and only Kattappa can give a relief for Baahubali and the film maker if they want the film to be released in Karnataka.



Tamil actor Sathyaraj who is playing the character of Kattappa in Bahubali has made difficulties for the release of ‘Bahubali Conclusion’ in Karnataka. An old hate speech against Karnataka by Sathyaraj, during a protest against Karnataka over Cauvery dispute, Sathyaraj had commented on Dr Rajkumar or Vatal Nagraj remain unacceptable and also apparently mocked Kannadigas. Now this act of Sathyaraj has created a big trouble for Baahubali and its makers to release the film in Karnataka, But it can give a certain relief to the makers when Sathyaraj apologises to Kannadigas.


According to the Bangalore Mirror, Vatal Nagaraj said about is decision stating “We will not allow any theatre in Karnataka to screen Bahubali. We are not against the film, but against Sathyaraj who plays the character of Kattappa in Bahubali.”

He went on to say why Sathyaraj was particularly “de-rogatory”. “This man’s remarks crossed all decency limits. He spoke nonsense about Karnataka and Kannadigas. We too staged protests against Tamil Nadu, but not against the people.

Vatal Nagaraj also added. “We will storm theatres that may screen the upcoming movie, which is due for release on April 28,” he said.
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There is only choice for the maker of Baahubali to release the film in Karnataka is if the actor tenders an apology, according to Vatal Nagaraj. “But it will depend on the kind of apology he makes,” he said.


This is not all, even Kirik Keerthi, who is one of the contestants of Big Boss 4 and also a social activist, has now came out with the appeal to boycott ‘Baahubali 2’ for the sake of Sathyaraj’s hate speech on Kannadiga’s with regard to the Kauveri waters issue.

According to International Business Times, India Kirik Keerthi said “I am not asking for a ban and legally it might not be possible. So, it is for them to decide whether cinema is important or our self-respect. Sathyaraj’s comments on Dr Rajkumar or Vatal Nagraj remain unacceptable. I want him to come here and apologies or at the least give a convincing clarification on his statement against us,”

He also went on saying when asked, why he is targetting now “We should hit where it hurts the most. Had I attempted earlier I am sure we would not have been successful. Now, the stakes are higher and I am sure the makers of Baahubali understand how much the Karnataka market is important for them. So, let them ask him to come here and give an apology,”
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Going through it is big trouble for the release of Baahubali which is very few days left to hit the theaters and the only option they have is a apology on the comments that was earlier made by the Sathyaraj.

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