Shocking News: Sunil Grover To Quit The Kapil Sharma Show | Something Serious Between Kapil And Sunil

The cast of the popular comedy show was returning from Australia after a performance tour when an altercation between Sharma (who is said to have been drunk) and his crew broke out, an Indian Express report says.

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Earlier this week on a flight from Australia to India, passengers were horrified to hear and see an inebriated Kapil Sharma loudly abusing and assaulting his The Kapil Sharma Show colleague Sunil Grover. The report goes on to say that Grover tried to intervene in the scuffle, but Sharma got physical with him while others looked on.

According to members of show’s team, tension between the two has been brewing for quite some time.

Sunil’s ‘Gutthi’ act in Comedy Nights With Kapil and after the show’s closure, his ‘Rinku Bhabhi’ and ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’ acts in The Kapil Sharma Show are as popular as Kapil’s own comic acts, and also more. But Kapil Sharma takes every opportunity he gets to remind Sunil, that Sunil, would have been nowhere if Kapil had not given him a platform. And this is the one case which happened on the flight. An eyewitness on the flight told The Quint: “Without any provocation, Kapil pounced on Sunil Grover. We saw Kapil loudly abusing Sunil. Sunil kept quiet, probably thinking that Kapil would calm down after the outburst. But Kapil got more aggressive. His loud abuses could be heard right across the flight cabin.He then physically assaulted Sunil. That’s when all hell broke loose. The flight attendants rushed to the spot.They wanted to handcuff Kapil in order to restrain him. To his credit Sunil stood by his unruly colleague and asked the cabin crew to overlook his drunken behavior”.
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Now after this assault when Kapil allegedly in a drunken state, humiliated and assaulted Sunil Grover in full public view,Sunil has decided to quit the show. Sources from the show say, “Sunil is not coming back on The Kapil Sharma Show. He had already recorded the episodes for this weekend (March 18-19) . But he is not returning to the show. Abb bahot ho gaya. Agar Kapil ka yehi rawaiya raha toh aur log bhi nikal jayenge (enough is enough,if Kapil continues in this manner others will also quit).”
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When the Sunil was asked about the issue, he kept silent by just saying no comment. But When BollywoodLife sent him a text, he reverted on phone. We asked him about the spat on flight and he asked which flight, when we told it was on the Air India flight he said, “Mujhe yaad nahi (I don’t remember). Actually hamari har flight main ladai hoti hai (We fight on every flight)…har jagah ladai hoti hai (We fight everywhere)…It is a healthy fight…We fight for work…We fight for good work.”

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The Kapil Sharma Show, which is an extremely successful currently running by the Sony TV, and Sunil Grover is a real gem of the show, Without him and his characters the show will be incomplete. Stay tuned to Gossip Glue for more Gossips and updates……..


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