Kung Fu Yoga Review : Must watch for the Fans of Jackie Chan

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Kung Fu Yoga movie cast: Jackie Chan, Aarif Rehman, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur

Kung Fu Yoga movie director: Stanley Tong






Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga, by the film name we get to know the movie is about Chinese martial arts with mixture of Indian Yoga, but after watching the film will realize that the film  has barely any yoga.

In the film we will seeing our legend martial hero Jackie Chan playing the role of a great Chinese archaeologist, who is in search of lost treasure of an ancient Indian kingdom Magadha with Ashmita (Disha Patani), along with his assistants Zhu (Yixing Zhang) and Nuomin(Miya Muqi). Whereas Sonu Sood playing a baddie with an eye on the treasure.


Jackie Chan’s Fan will be sad to see that the the 62 years die hard action comedy hero is no more the awe-inspiring action star that he was in the 1990s and the fact that he is aged since most of his stunts and action will miss on Fung Fu Yoga, but Chan has his charm as it is to entertain his fans.

The film has been shot in China, India, Iceland and Dubai.  Few part of the film is set in Dubai which gives us a car chase which also features an unexpected back seat guest for Chan. 

Fung Fu Yoga Directed by Stanley Tong, who has earlier given some of Chan’s most popular hits, which includes Supercop and Rumble in the Bronx.

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Jackie Chan’s Bollywood dance moves are by far the most charming part of the film which is choreographed by Farah Khan and she as done a best job. Sonu Soon and  Disha Patani has managed to give some Bollywood masala in the film with their performance.

For the Fans of Jackie Chan you must watch it for him and his hard work.

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