Latest Update From SRK’s Upcoming “The Ring”

Shah Rukh Khan Shares the latest Pic on Twitter from the movie “The Ring” With Anushka Sharma.


Will get to see the pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma once again on the big screen in Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming  Indian romantic drama film The Ring. And both the A listed stars are having great Fun while shoot which can be notice by the Pics and videos being uploaded constantly on the social media by them.

King Khan recently shared a Ninja look, claiming to be the first look of the film The Ring, and wrote on his social networking “First Look’ of Imtiaz Ali’s film, allegedly called The Ring. Not a horror film nor a love story…it’s a Ninja epic! ”



The ring

Where both the stars are almost fully covered up in wind proof jackets only with eyes visible.


Just not to confuse his FAN’s more on the upcoming movie, later clarifying the previous tweet SRK updated
“The last tweet about the film is a joke. Clarifying for those who don’t get my drift & end up distorting stuff. It’s just cold in Budapest!”



However the movie will hit the screen next Diwali, mean while get updated with the latest news from the movie.


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